The model - E05 -

E05 is the new reference point in the hand stitching machine, the versatility, the qualità of the sewing and the price, makes it the right tool for your creations.

  • Programmable points and 100 user memories that can be used to saved the various programs.
  • Electronic reversal stich.
  • Programmable initial and final stamping.
  • Pneumatic system for the blockage of the adjustable slow stitch during the stamping.
  • Random stitch for simulating the typical imperfection of the handmade working.

Intuitive keyboard and double line display for a clear display of the machine parameters:

  • Width adjustment of ti stich superior/inferior
  • Regulation and correction of the inverted stiches
  • Stiching programming and stamping repetitions
  • Programming of the random stich (stiches variation, intervention time)

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